The introduction of Firebase Analytics has been shown in the top page of Admob site. They also say that their service will transform to Firebase. I don’t understand well, but I started to use it.

I don’t understand what Firebase is. I guess it is the useful tool to analysis my apps; when they are used and so on.

I memorize how to use Firebase at the following.

  1. When making ad in Admob, select to link with Firebase, and download “google-service.json” and put it into app directory.
  2. Write down the following sentences on build.gradle in root directory. buildscript { // … dependencies { // … classpath ‘’ } }
  3. Write down the following sentences on build.gradle in app directory. apply plugin: ‘’ android { // … } dependencies { // … compile ‘’ compile ‘’ } // ADD THIS AT THE BOTTOM apply plugin: ‘’
  4. Description about Admob is the same as usual.

So far, “compile ‘'” has been written in build.gradle. This is changed into “…firebase-ads…”.

I don’t know “Admob + Firebase” for Unity at all.


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