I start Angular.


Angular is one of the framework of JavaScript, and it has been developed by Google. I don’t know Angular well but I think I can make awesome site using Angular… 😛

React and Vue.js are famous but I choose Angular because Google develop it and it will survive so long, I guess. Moreover, Angular has all modules. So I can easily change to use other framework, after Angular.

I start to learn Angular with the following textbook (Japanese), which has 5 stars ★★★★★ in Amazon.


Node.js is required to develop with Angular.

I use Mac and I install Node.js using Homebrew. There is a nodenv for version manager. First, I install nodenv and install Node.js via nodenv.

> brew install nodenv
> echo 'eval "$(nodenv init -)"' >> ~/.bash_profile
> source ~/.bash_profile
> nodenv install -l
> nodenv install 12.8.0
> nodenv global 12.8.0

That’s it. I finished installing Node.js.

QuickStart project

There is a quick start project for Angluar and it is published on Github.


In the Github page,

This repository is now deprecated. The Angular Quickstart project was a nice starting point for creating Angular applications. Now we recommend using the Angular CLI to create new Angular projects.

so, Angular CLI is recommended rather than QuickStart. However, in the textbook, QuickStart is used and I also use it.

> git clone https://github.com/angular/quickstart
> cd quickstart
> npm install        // install packages. See package.json
> npm start          // start lite-sever

“Hello Angular” was shown successfully.

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